• Meg Herndon

Dear Hate, You Do Not Win

PC: Tobias Keller

I'm not one to share my political or controversial side on social media but my heart is heavy.

When I looked at the faces of the fifty-nine victims of the Las Vegas shooting I felt an overwhelming sorrow. A deep confusion. And my head filled with why?

Each person, whose life was taken, had a life. They drank coffee with their wife or husband. Ate dinner with their families. Loved their students. Fought for their country. Defended their city. Enjoyed walks at sunset. Laughed with their coworkers. They knew love. Loss. Good. Bad. And now they're gone. So quickly. Their lives stripped so selfishly from them. A single act of evil.

The hate, sorrow, and confusion are overwhelming. How can someone commit such an evil act? What broke this person? But in the midst of the wondering and the questions, I know this truth, evil and hate do not win. Love triumphs. Love abounds. Love can heal. Love overcomes. Love hopes. Love comforts. Love is the answer. Love is the truth. Love is greater than hate. This tragedy pushes me to love harder and more fiercely. So let love shine. Let love conquer. Don't fight hate with hate. Fight it with love.

PC: Tobias Keller (unsplash.com)