• Meg Herndon


Have you every been completely clueless in a situation?

Meaning, you had no idea what was going on around you.

This has happened to me a few times.

I had an epiphany one Sunday a couple weeks ago. This epiphany was profound.

I thought, maybe I am completely clueless to the workings of God surrounding me.

Let me backtrack.

At thirteen I decided to fully give my life to Christ. I remember feeling a release in my soul that I had never felt. I was made new. I was whole. I remember praying that night for God to use me. I wanted to be used to help someone. I wanted to be used by God so that other people would come to know Christ. I wanted to be a part of a miracle. This prayer was a constant for many years. Until I forgot about this desire of mine.

Flash-forward to Sunday morning a couple weeks ago and it dawned on me that I had forgotten. I also thought about all the things God could be orchestrating without me noticing. God could be using me for the very thing I prayed for but forgot about.

Now at twenty-four having forgot about my persistent prayer from my younger days I realized I may never see or know the outcome. I might not realize, right away in a situation that God is doing the very thing that I prayed.

The purpose of my words tonight are simple. Prayers mean something even when we forget. There is power in sending up your desires and concerns to God.